• Rylie Goodchild

It told

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

She wasp

Daughter ran about their house at night, while sleep.

‘Who are you?’ boys ask.

She odd,

especially in public spaces.

Thought to be a caterpillar,

then a butterfly.

neither, nor a wasp, even an insect not.

The queen had had, had had, an an affair.

She was the child of other,


I didn’t say nothing.

She her, she you.

Girl, remains in the hive.

Slavery freedom

Snake elegance Xanax, you elegance snake.

Chance alone no you on underneath.

Chance alone no, in taunt right underneath, snake taunt you on underneath.

Going alone snake, love in taunt.

Alone chance elegance,

a cell of mind.

Took everything gave,

when her from distance.

Fairy future,

sleeping alone in bedroom.

Never notice, but see them.

Cultivate, curate, character.

Avoid the first solution,

more liquid,

don’t burp, don’t spit, don’t stop.

Proceed at a more relaxed pace,

his peace, no war.

Lock his,

ayer, bleach.

Where have you been?

I want to, but to go back I have go to, this was has for.

Love at sight!

The he

He washed his hair with raspberries and wore golden underpants,

when he arrived on the lawn.

Look up to the tower,

hair there be.

Tries to climb,

the gap is too far,

yet doesn’t exist.


but, oh, too short these days.

Pills, can sort, no no no, what?

This is all not very proper,

“Wabi-sabi babe,” no ones perfect.

Getting on, better marriage.

Shifting daily, no stories tonight.

Somethings, one must return to alone.

Afternoon garden

Those with long hair,

don’t work.

Absolute cuteness? A move? Insincerity?

I have missed Consulat à Paris!

Do brown? Yes I think so,

but self symbols...

Throuple of rocks delivered by man baby.

Miss, please remember your professionally.

During the silent hours before five,

on the edge of green.

Montre pitié Marie.

New holes

To not, under Alice, the thongs escalate kingly.

After sharing houses, the Alice eventually needed riches.

Even down now, under this noun.

Unknown after that, even King Alice noticed she has tears.

Cries much, though can control her shakes.

And eventually not riches endured down now under.

I didn’t know seaweed ended.

Lust in and them.

Leave I suppose.

I should go.

A cross, the cross, am cross.

But I can’t, and I need to leave.

This is such an Interlude

Eats another of my party rings as walks by, does not please or thank.

Touches pot as returns, playing with own tongue, whistles.

Body becomes a percussion instrument.

Step back bitch, you missed.

Foot stomp, click.



Yar yeet.


Don’t be ridiculous, Rylie.

Wipe these up for dinner.

What are you going to use it for?

Rylie I feel ever so faint,

I think I might.

Falls on floor.

This is where my tongue rolls out my mouth,

foot stomp,

finger tap.

A rhythm emerges.

Seventeen minutes left.

Rises into upward facing dog,

now standing,

takes my camera.

Nice size camera,

there’s no charge in it,

as well.


You made it,

I made it.

Forget me if I’m being imposing,

I mean nothing by it.

This green is pissing me off,


If you’re going to make it blue,

make it blue!

Grabs my shoulders and shakes,

throws another of the party rings at the window.

Need to be at the barrier for ten to,


the time has come.

Pushes me.